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Anime Weekend Atlanta Recap

This was my "office" for the weekend at Anime Weekend Atlanta where I VJed for DEMONDICE, Takeru, BPM15IQ, and the rave featuring TeddyLoid, VGR, and Sebastian Masuda from 6% DOKIDOKI.

Japan Alpha Layer VJ Loops now available on Gumroad, this pack was used extensively during the rave!

I can viscerally feel the difference in confidence between my first visual set for an artist and the second, and the refinement continues into my third run as VJ for TeddyLoid. I curated assets around the alien/space themes found in the music and branding and being able to see these environments in a large form factor just hits different.

I typically prefer a video wall immediately behind the performers, but this dual projection system did give me my first experience with live mixing of performer camera content with visuals.

VGR and I did a quick hotel room set coordination so that the custom assets I made for Constellations 1 synced up for the rave as well, including this Squid Game asset from my Anime Convention VJ Loop pack.

I had the responsibility for running the visual file for the BPM15IQ set. The playhead mapping requires a special finesse.

I used a Chrome Extension to grab all the branding assets from the event website to create these dynamic bumpers announcing the upcoming artist.

Alienware Area-51m is still holding up strong after 3 years of use!

Hotel wifi and "youtube-dl.exe" because some of us like to live life on the edge!

Hoping to return next year and get a better view from front of house!

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