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Giving Spotify a Refresh with Latest Single

I released a new single on Spotify, That's It Hello, and wanted to give my profile a refresh to match the same aesthetic.

It's a technically brilliant demonstration of ray tracing and yet the juxtaposition of familiar font with outdated technical test environment seems somehow wrong.

Aspect ratios without font presence give the aesthetic some "space," pun intended.

If I told you I used AI to generate a Rush cover you might be somewhat impressed.

Playlist covers that can be interchanged without losing any stats.

Spotify Canvas for richer brand story and same interchangeable option as the playlist covers.

If you have a Resolume license you can start playing with these as well.

Not to leave any platform behind here.

Still one of the more attractive web players!

Let me know what think of all the assets. I'll have to add a screen recording of the Spotify App experience next time to show how it all ties together. Working on that next release already!

-Tyler / AHBL

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