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Branding Project: First Fallout - Tadashi Tragedy

I've been really inspired by my friend's successes on Spotify and I'm really only now wrapping my head around how important and challenging it is as a platform. The best way to understand all the pain points was to release something myself. A five song EP format gave me enough content to experiment with all the main asset types: profile picture, banner, release art, canvas, playlist cover, and artist's pick slot.

Custom Content: Branded and Unbranded Assets

My current distributor, Soundrop, is actually a really great match for my very specific micro-artist approach to maintaining a bare minimum Spotify and Instragram account exclusively for all portfolio socials. These profiles hit a sweet spot to show my branding skills, 3D work, and sound design/production/curation abilities.

I'm always thinking of new ways to share VJ assets with loopers and while the branded assets would add a bit of polish to a Tadashi Tragedy set, they were too specific to be of general use.

Five different angles of shots with car and building alone (no TT branding) so you can easily layer and use in for synthwave and outrun Resolume vibes available now at Free Outrun / Synthwave VJ loops.

Let me know if you end up using any of these loops at your events!

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