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VJing in Temple: Meta Physica First Communion

This weekend I had the honor of acting as the chaperone of light at Meta Physica's event First Communion. Held at the historic Pico Union Project in Downtown Los Angeles, I projection mapped over the pulpit and two story organ, VJed for the artists, and resolved some karma.

The event acted as a showcase for the label + collective's artist and adjacent network. There was a small vending area and full audience access to both floors of the venue, giving two very specific and different vantages for the performances throughout the night.

A big part of the vision of the night was to fill the sanctuary with fog as a way to obscure the bounds of the physical space and give question to rigidity of dogma. Without having access to the room in night conditions to test, we had to work out a delicate balance of fog and visible projection.

A load-in decision to size down the logos to fit across the second floor of the organ really added depth to the night and helped with the constant question "hey who is on rn?"

The event was a great success and I'm really hoping to do more work in non-traditional performance spaces like this in the future!

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